COVID-19 Learnings for Healthcare Providers, Brokers, and Insurers

The healthcare industry is uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, from the waves of cases that have taxed our healthcare system to the reduction in revenue due to the lack of elective surgeries, reduced non-essential visits, and changes in policy, procedures and compliance activities to prevent the spread of the infection. With the impact still taking shape, how can risk managers, brokers, and insurers best adapt to this ever-changing situation?

Join Origami Risk as we host a unique blend of panelists across the healthcare insurance value chain as they discuss the organizational impact, steps taken, mitigation strategies, and future learnings for healthcare organizations during the coronavirus crisis.
The panel consists of Anne Ussery, Director of Risk Operations at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Jason Bennett, Managing Director and Deputy National Healthcare Practice Leader at Aon, and Margaret Nekic, President & CEO, Inspirien. The panel is moderated by Bill Schwacke, Healthcare Practice Leader, Origami Risk.

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