From RMIS to ERM

The Evolution of Risk Management in a Complex Risk Environment

Behind the tranquil, ivy-covered walls of institutions of higher education are extremely complex risk environments. Risk and compliance managers at these institutions, which are often highly decentralized and made up of a diverse array of stakeholders, face a number of challenges. Establishing and maintaining a successful, outcome-based enterprise risk management (ERM) program is an ongoing exercise in discovering what works, measuring results, and continuing to refine the program and its processes.

In this webinar, Luke Figora, senior associate vice president and chief risk and compliance officer at Northwestern University and 2019 RIMS Risk Manager of the Year, will discuss the journey from traditional risk management to ERM, the evolution of Northwestern's ERM program, and the role technology is playing as the program matures.

In addition to speaking about why he made the decision to implement an ERM program, Luke will also cover specific lessons he and his team have learned since doing so:

• Finding an ERM framework that drives action

• Accounting for a wide array of objectives and goals

• Determining the right levels of stakeholder engagement

• Selecting technology to help support an ERM program

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