PTASP and Implementing a Safety Management System 

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently extended their deadline for transit agencies to implement a safety management system (SMS) under the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASP) until the end of the year. Many transit agencies are struggling to understand the PTASP guidance and how to create a plan.

Origami Risk's webinar aims to help transit agencies understand PTASP. Not only do we walk through the basics of the regulation, but we also discuss how Origami’s risk and safety solution meets the requirements for an SMS. In addition to seeing Origami in action to meet those requirements, we walk through a case study highlighting our highly collaborative approach to working with our clients to develop a solution.

This webinar is presented by Sam Gabal, Senior Sales Executive, Peter Morrical, Senior Client Executive, and Luke Bernardi, Business Development Representative. Sean Salvas, senior market strategy lead for EHS, also provides insight into Origami’s general safety solutions.

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